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          Your research can change the world

          The bt365体育在线 research community gives you the opportunity to make a difference, both locally and globally. Whether your idea engages a specific academic area or crosses disciplines, like STEM education, arts and humanities, integrated artificial intelligence, data science, and social, political, and life sciences, your idea could be the next big discovery that changes the world.

          Recent research news

          Two portrait photos of Susana Mariscal and Bryan Victor smiling.

          Preventing child maltreatment

          Researchers in the Indiana University School of Social Work at bt365体育在线 have received a five-year, $2.75 million grant to address the problem of childhood maltreatment in Indiana.

          Learn about the program
          Portrait photo of James Wood smiling at the camera.

          Researcher speaks on COVID-19 related MIS-C

          Potential connections to COVID-19 involved Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), diagnosed in children who also had COVID-19.

          Explore this research effort
          A group of young sports players sits in a huddle on the field while a coach kneels and speaks to them.

          Youth sports study released

          Results of a new scientific survey of more than 10,000 people across 45 states provide insight into return to youth sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

          Read more about the study

          Discover the latest research news

          The Research Enterprise is a monthly newsletter published by the office of the Vice Chancellor to keep the community informed about the latest creative and research endeavors at bt365体育在线.

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          Bringing results to our community

          bt365体育在线 supports researchers in the drive to bring knowledge, innovation, and advancement into our communities and the world. Whether through research grants like the Research Frontiers Trailblazers Award or mentorship opportunities like the Enhanced Mentoring Program with Opportunities for Ways to Excel in Research (EMPOWER), bt365体育在线 stands behind our researchers in their commitment to improving the world.

          Description of the video:

          [Words appear: bt365体育在线]

          [Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise]


          [Words appear: Brian Dixon, PH.D., Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology]

          [Video: Brian stands with his arms crossed next to a window.]

          Brian speaks: When I went to school I was thinking that I would be sort of pre-professional, a dentist. Instead I got interested in computer science through some classes that I took and decided to major in that.


          [Video: Brian sits in front of the camera and speaks.]

          Following graduation, I answered a blind ad in the Indianapolis Star that said, “computer programmer wanted.”

          [Video: Brian types at his computer.]

          Little did I know that that organization that I’d be working for was doing health care information technology research and that really kind of lit the spark in me to pursue this kind of research as my pathway.

          [Video: Brian sits in front of the camera and speaks.]

          One of the problems that we face today in our health system is that we're trying to improve how we capture data and information electronically, how we manage that information, and then share it or move it electronically to the people and the organizations that need to be aware of what's happening to patients and populations.

          [Video: Brian walks down a hallway while talking to a woman.]

          So in our current work what we're looking at doing is trying to improve how we capture information about individuals who are diagnosed with an infectious disease.

          [Video: Brian sits in front of the camera and speaks.]

          And then move that data to public health agencies where the staff at those agencies can better assess the prevalence of the diseases.

          [Video: Brian writes at a white board and speaks to a room full of people.]

          And then design interventions that would improve the outcomes for the people diagnosed with those diseases. Current research has shown that not all the cases that actually occur in the population get reported to the public health agency. So we're working on a project now, a grant that we want to submit, where in that research we would use machine learning models so more advanced techniques in computer science to try to improve how we detect those cases from the data that flow around inside of our HIE network so that we can identify the positive cases and get that information reported to public health to prevent the spread of those diseases. The research Trailblazer award is a great honor to me, it the award I think is a mark a distinction that recognizes that what I'm doing in my lab or in my research center is not only important to our Center but it's also important to the mission of the University and that's what it means to me to be recognized in that way and it's an honor.

          [Words appear: 2018 Trailblazer Award Recipient]


          [Words appear: Brought to you by bt365体育在线 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and BARNES & THORNBURG LLP, btlaw.com]

          [End of transcript]

          Description of the video:

          [Words appear: bt365体育在线]

          [Words appear: Fulfilling the Promise]


          [Words appear: EMPOWER: Enhanced Mentoring Program with Opportunities for Ways to Excel in Research]

          [Words appear: What was the highlight of this EMPOWER experience?]

          [Words appear: Claire Draucker, Mentor, School of Nursing]

          [Video: Claire and Ukamaka sit next to each other in front of the camera.]

          Claire speaks: I think what empower really did was help us be think through what we wanted the relationship to be like, how we wanted to structure it, what the outcomes were. So I think that really having that empower experience fairly early on in our relationship really helped enrich the whole mentoring experience.


          [Words appear: Why did you choose to be mentored by someone in your discipline?]

          [Words appear: Ukamaka Oruche, Mentor, School of Nursing]

          [Video: Claire and Ukamaka sit next to each other in front of the camera.]

          Ukamaka speaks: So I choose to be mentored by someone in my discipline, which is nursing, because not only is it important for the mentor-mentee relationship fit but it was also important that I have someone who could mentor me as a future you know as a nursing academic.


          [Words appear: How has the EMPOWER mentoring experience helped to position you for success?]

          Ukamaka speaks: I think one of the best things that happened that came out of our mentor-mentee relationship as I started to write put much together my dossier was having Claire you know after six, five years of relationship she had enough knowledge to near me enough to be able to look at my packet, especially the personal statement, and say this is you or no this is not you I think that was critical to really producing an impressive dossier for promotion and tenure.

          [Words appear: What advice would you give others about making the most of this experience?]

          Claire speaks: EMPOWER helped us with this I believe but to really have conversations early on about what both the mentor and the mentee want out of the relationship to be really transparent about that I would say because of this mentoring relationship I have developed a very rich, lifelong relationship with a colleague who I value, very highly.


          [Words appear: Sponsored by bt365体育在线 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and bt365体育在线 Office for Women]

          [End of transcript]





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