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          Internships, Externships & Job Opportunities

          Our unique location in downtown Indianapolis positions you for endless internship opportunities

          Half your education at bt365体育在线—no matter your academic path—will be taking the things you learn in the classroom and applying them directly to the real-life needs of our community. It’s the best way to broaden your experience, understand the pulse of today’s job market, and get a head start on the career you’re ultimately going to college for.

          And there’s no better place to do that than in a city like Indianapolis.

          1,246bt365体育在线 internship opportunities with community partners in 2012–2013

          65%of students with internships receive full-time offers from their internship employers

          Learn more in less time with internships and externships—and build a valuable career network

          And get help doing it. There are multiple resources across campus to help you find internships and externships when you’re ready. Working with your bt365体育在线 career specialists will help you find internships and externships. Colleagues at your internships and externships (professionals already living and working in the Indy community) will help you make even more career connections. Many times, bt365体育在线 students obtain full-time offers before graduating; by the time they have their degree in hand, they’re ready to start their new career immediately.

          Learn about career planning

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