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          Parking & Transportation

          Parking permits

          bt365体育在线 offers a number of parking permit options for employees, students, and other bt365体育在线 partners. Your access to parking lots depends on the permit you choose—and cost and availability varies.

          Learn more about parking permits at bt365体育在线

          Transportation options on and off campus

          Take a campus shuttle

          Even if you can’t find a parking spot close to your destination, there’s no problem.

          bt365体育在线 offers campus shuttles that run every 10 to 15 minutes, Monday through Friday.

          Learn more about campus shuttles

          Take a city bus

          IndyGo, the public bus system of Indianapolis, operates service routes that connect bt365体育在线 with various points around downtown Indianapolis.

          bt365体育在线 students can purchase a monthly S Pass, which gives you access to all bus routes at a deeply discounted rate.

          Learn more about the S Pass student discount

          Rent a bike

          Whether you’re looking for a quick way to get across campus or are heading out into the city, Indiana Pacers Bikeshare has you covered.

          This service has hundreds of gold bikes available for rent at dozens of stations throughout Indianapolis, including one at bt365体育在线.

          You can purchase a day pass or an annual membership.

          Learn more about Pacers Bikeshare

          Rent a Zipcar

          Zipcar allows you to rent a car for as little as an hour—or for an entire day.

          After you sign up online, you can make a reservation on your computer, tablet, or phone. Once your reservation is confirmed, use your Zipcard to unlock the car you've rented and drive away!

          At the end of your reservation, just return it where you found it.

          Learn more about Zipcar

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